Taekwondo Debuts at Tokyo Paralympics

Para TKD
Taekwondo debuted as a Paralympic sport appearing on the schedule for the first time Thursday at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Peru's Leonor Espinoza Carranza made history claiming the first ever gold medal by winning the women's 49 kg class. Brazil's Nathan Cesar Sodario Torquato also captured the men's 61 kg division. Zakia Khudadadi, who garnered headlines in escaping from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to compete in Tokyo, lost in the day's opening match, though she did become just the second Afghan woman to ever participate in the Paralympics.

Paralympic taekwondo is for athletes who have a certain level of physical impairment, typically from the impairment or loss of an arm. As in standard Olympic taekwondo points are scored by kicks to the body, which has a chest protector, though head kicks are not allowed. It is the first full-contact striking sport ever contested at the Paralympics. It takes its place alongside Paralympic judo, which is contested by visually impaired athletes.

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