ONE Friday Fights 8 Recap

ONE Friday Fights 8
ONE Championship

ONE Championship returned with ONE Friday Fights 8 on Friday, March 10. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was loud as always, with incredible Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA action.

Fans got to see some incredible battles and sensational knockouts. The weekly series has been delivering in all facets, and the eighth edition continued the streak of outstanding events.

This is your recap of ONE Friday Fights 8.

 Main Event: Petsukumvit Boi Bangna vs. Petchmuangsri Tded99

Main Event

Petsukumvit Boi Bangna vs. Petchmuangsri Tded99

Petsukumvit Winner by Knockout

Petsukumvit Boi Bangna’s performance at ONE Friday Fights 8 could be reduced to one word — relentless. He never took a back step against Petchmuangsri Tded99 and put him away with a brilliant flurry in the corner.

To Petchmurangsri’s credit, he tried to respond to the pressure of his compatriot. However, he simply could not withstand the heat for that long. Petsukumvit varied his strikes enough to not be predictable and never stopped throwing.

The second big performance on ONE Friday Fights will inch the Thai closer to bigger matches in the flyweight division. Petsukumvit is putting his name out there as a significant name to watch in 2023.

Full Card

Rambong Sor Therapat vs. Petlampun Muadablampang

Petlampun Winner by Knockout

Khunsuknoi Boomdeksean vs. Numsurin Chor Ketwina

Numsurin Winner by Knockout

Banluerit Or Atchariya vs. Nuatoranee Jitmuangnon

Banluerit Winner by Knockout

Pancake Kiattongyot vs. Junior Fairtex

Junior Winner by Split Decision

Maisangkum Sor Yingcharoenkarnchang vs. Jomhot Charoenmuang

Maisangkum Winner by Knockout

Alaverdi Ramazanov vs. Mavlud Tupiev

Tupiev Winner by Unanimous Decision

Jason Ponet vs. Vladimir Kanunnikov

Kanunnikov Winner by Unanimous Decision

Huo Xiaolong vs. Seyed Mahdi

Huo Winner by Unanimous Decision

Jomhod Auto Muaythai vs. Daniel Gyllenberg

Jomhod Winner by TKO

Furqan Cheema vs. Salamat Orozakunov

Orozakunov Winner by Unanimous Decision

Elias Ghazali vs. Mohammad Sadeghi

Sadeghi Winner by Unanimous Decision

After two rounds of taking punishment from Rambong Sor Therapat, Petlampun Muadablampang stunned the audience inside Lumpinee Boxing Stadium with a third-round knockout. As Rambong came forward with the same pressure, a perfectly-timed right hand slipped through and connected flush for a one-punch, $10,000 bonus-winning KO. The comeback knockout will reverberate throughout 2023’s highlight reels.

In two catchweight bouts, the result was the same. Banluerit Or Atchariya and Numsurin Chor Ketwina picked up knockout wins at 2:38 of the first round. It is the exact way both men wanted to establish themselves in ONE, and each man got a $10,000 performance bonus for their stylish victories.

Maisangkum Sor Yingcharoenkarnchang debuted with a barnburner with Jomhot Charoenmuang. It looked like he would take out Jomhot Charoenmuang early, but his Thai counterpart rallied in the second round. But Maisangkumkept the pressure on and got a $10,000 performance bonus for his third-round knockout.

Mavlud Tupiev pulled off a huge upset over the #2-ranked bantamweight Muay Thai contender Alaverdi Ramazanov. The Uzbekistan star scored an early knockdown to set the tone of the match, and he never let Ramazanov get fully back into the match. The big victory will have Tupiev knocking on the door of the official ONE athlete rankings.

Jomhod Auto Muaythai got the first finish of the night with a second-round TKO win over Daniel Gyllenberg. The Thai athlete picked up an important win in his ONE debut and got the crowd involved early as the event took shape.

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