ONE Friday Fights 7 Recap

ONE Friday Fights 7 Recap

ONE Championship kept rolling with ONE Friday Fights inside Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. The seventh edition of the weekly series was another exciting night for athletes around the world to showcase their talent.

As per usual, excitement lined the card from top-to-bottom. However, the evening was capped off with a highlight-reel knockout that will be re-lived throughout the rest of the year.

Here is your recap for ONE Friday Fights 7.

​Main Event: Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon vs. Theeradet Chor Hapayak

Main Event

Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon vs. Theeradet Chor Hapayak

Rambolek Winner by Knockout

Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon threw his name in the hat for 2023 Knockout of the Year with his scorching right cross KO over Theeradet Chor Hapayak in their 143-pound catchweight tilt. The picture-perfect left hook-right cross combination set the Muay Thai world on fire Friday night.

After a solid first round, it would not take long for Rambolek to end the all-Thai battle. As the second bell rang, the two warriors met in the center of the ring, and Rambolek landed a strong right outside leg kick. The fight-ending combination soon followed, and the crowd blew the roof off of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

The 19-year-old put his name on the global map with the astounding finish in his ONE debut. Expect big things from this shining star as he continues his journey in the biggest martial arts promotion in the world.

Full Card

Kongchai Chanaidonmueang vs. Chalamkhao PK Saenchai

Kongchai Winner by Unanimous Decision

Rittidet Kiatsongrit vs. Ritnaka Or Bor Jor Nakhonpanom

Khunsueklek Winner by Split Decision

Sagaengarm Jitmuangnon vs. Petbanrai Singha Mawynn

Petbanrai Winner by Unanimous Decision

Kwanjai Sor Tawanrung vs. Yuly Alves

Alves Winner by Split Decision

Rittidet Sor Sommai vs. Samingdam Chor Ajalaboon

Samingdam Winner by Knockout

Yodphupa Wimanair vs. Ilyas Musaev

Yodphupa Winner by Unanimous Decision

Lawrence Phillips vs. Ben Parker

Phillips Winner by Knockout

Arash Mardani vs. Mamurjon Khamidov

Mardani Winner by Unanimous Decision

Lisa Brierley vs. Rungnapa Por Muangpetch

Brierley Winner by Knockout

So Yul Kim vs. Souris Manfredi

Kim Winner by Submission

Shakhriyor Jurayev vs. Samingdam Looksuan

Samingdam Winner by Unanimous Decision

Chalamkhao PK Saenchai started strong against Kongchai Chanaidonmueang, but he would eventually find himself on the wrong end of Kongchai’s aggressive striking. If the bout was close, Kongchai pulled ahead in the third round with two knockdowns. Kongchai firmly cemented himself as the winner of the strawweight Muay Thai bout and took a big step forward in the strawweight division.

Yodphupa Wimanair and Ilyas Musaev went to war for nine minutes in an exciting bantamweight Muay Thai bout. Although both men showed themselves well, the 19-year-old Thai teen got the edge on the scorecards. The narrow win showed his incredible skill and moved his professional record to 61-9-1.

Lawrence Phillips made a statement to the heavyweight division with his debut performance. When Ben Parker came forward, Phillips was able to secure a body lock and soon went to take the action to the mat. However, nothing further was needed as the impact of the slam knocked Parker out cold. Phillips will still need to show his full range of weapons in the growing heavyweight division, but his debut put him right in the mix.

Lisa Brierley wanted revenge against Rungnapa Por Muangpetch, which is exactly what she got. The Brit connected with a right hand as Rungnapa was coming off the ropes and sent her to the canvas. Brierley claimed an additional $10,000 for her exciting showcase.

“Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon 🇹🇭 knocks Theeradet Chor Hapayak OUT with a BEAUTIFUL body-head combo! 🤩 #ONEFridayFights7  🌍 Live TV broadcast in 170+ countries (check local listings) 🌍 Also available on ONE YouTube and ONE Facebook (geo-restrictions may https://t.co/eBUfsOlZOd…”

“SLAM KO 😱 Lawrence Phillips 🇺🇸 obliterates Ben Parker in just 18 SECONDS! #ONEFridayFights7  🌍 Live TV broadcast in 170+ countries (check local listings) 🌍 Also available on ONE YouTube and ONE Facebook (geo-restrictions may apply) 🌍 Also https://t.co/eBUfsOlZOd…”

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