ONE Friday Fights 6 Recap

ONE Friday Fights 6 Recap

ONE Championship got their doubleheader started with ONE Friday Fights 6 on Friday, February 24.

The event delivered exciting performances from start to finish and set the bar for ONE Fight Night 7 later in the evening. Lumpinee Stadium was rocking with exceptional firefights and jaw-dropping knockouts.

This is your recap if you missed any of the action at ONE Friday Fights 6.

 Main Event: Gingsanglek Tor Laksong vs. Kongthoranee Sor Sommai

Main Event

Gingsanglek Tor Laksong vs. Kongthoranee Sor Sommai

Kongthoranee Winner by Knockout

Entering the main event, Gingsanglek Tor Laksong and Kongthoranee Sor Sommai were 1-1 against one another. The rivals third battle lived up to the hype and delivered a highlight-reel moment to remember.

After a strong start in the first round, Gingsanglek picked up where he left off and put it on Kongthoranee with a barrage of punches. After a knockdown, he tried to end the match by staying aggressive. That would turn out to be his downfall.

Kongthoranee caught his Thai countryman coming forward with a powerful left hook that sent him crashing to the canvas. The referee quickly recognized he was out and waved off the bout. Kongthoranee picked up the decisive victory and an additional $10,000 performance bonus.

This Muay Thai Fight Was WILD 😮‍💨

Khunsueklek Boomdeksean and Koko Sor Sommai went toe-to-toe in an atomweight Muay Thai thriller at ONE Friday Fights 6!#ONEFridayFights6Subscribe and turn on...

Full Card

Petmanee Sor Jaruwan vs. Khunharnlek Singha Mawynn

Khunharnlek Winner by Split Decision

Khunsueklek Boomdeksean vs. Koko Sor Sommai

Khunsueklek Winner by Split Decision

Petsaenkom Yaicheyseafood vs. Yodprabsuk Sor Ninthai

Petsaenkom Winner by Unanimous Decision

Padetsuk Fairtex vs. Johan Ghazali

Ghazali Winner by Knockout

Yoddoi Kaewsamrit vs. Chokdee Maxjandee

Chokdee Winner by Unanimous Decision

Ilias Ennahachi vs. Aliasghar Ghodratisaraskan

Ennahachi Winner by Knockout

Bogdan Shumarov vs. Marwen Houli

Shumarov Winner by Knockout

Brogan Stewart-Ng vs. Riccardo Catindig-Stagg

Stewart-Ng Winner by Unanimous Decision

Hercules Wor Chakrawut vs. Shingo Shibata

Hercules Winner by Unanimous Decision

Celeste Hansen vs. Kalaked Por Muangpetch

Hansen Winner by TKO

In one of the most mesmerizing performances of the night, 16-year-old Malaysian-American Johan Ghazali upset Padetsuk Fairtex in just 16 seconds. Ghazali plastered his Thai opponent with an overhand right that ended the match immediately. The shocking performance put the youngster on the map as perhaps one of the future stars for both Malaysia and the United States in Muay Thai.

Ilias Ennahachi made his move to the bantamweight kickboxing division and got started on the right note with a second-round knockout win over Aliasghar Ghodratisaraskan. Ennahachi was not pleased when the Iranian threw him during their bout and proceeded to turn up the heat until he could no longer take it.

Celeste Hansen survived Kalaked Por Muangpetch’s pressure and used her accuracy to get the TKO victory. The Australian’s defense proved sufficient as Kalaked moved forward, and she returned with ferocity. Well-placed uppercuts rocked Kalaked in the third round, and the barrage of punches that followed was enough to seal the victory.

In the lone MMA bout of the card, Brogan Stewart-Ng returned to the global stage for the first time since 2020 and picked up a dominant victory over Riccardo Catindig-Stagg by unanimous decision. Although he wasn’t able to get the stoppage, Stewart-Ng was in control for most of the action. The Australian moved his ONE record to 2-0 and showed quality all-around skills.

Women’s Muay Thai BRAWL 😮

Australia’s Celeste Hansen threw down with Thailand’s Kalaked Por Muangpetch in a KNOCKOUT women’s Muay Thai contest to kick off ONE Friday Fights 6!#ONEFigh...

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