ONE Friday Fights 24 Recap

ONE Friday Fights 24 Recap

ONE Friday Fights 24

ONE Championship rocked Lumpinee Boxing Stadium once again on Friday, July 7, for ONE Friday Fights 24.

The 12-bout lineup gave fans a continual slate of action with five finishes helping to lift the crowd off their feet in Bangkok.

If you missed any of the action, this is your recap of ONE Friday Fights 24.

Main Event: Fabio Reis vs. Pongsiri PK Saenchai

Main Event

Fabio Reis vs. Pongsiri PK Saenchai

Pongsiri Winner by Majority Decision

Fabio Reis was looking to continue his astounding streak inside Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, but Pongsiri PK Saenchai halted his ascent with a late-round knockdown.

After a slow start, Pongsiri began finding his form. Reis remained a constant threat, but the Thai star looked to be connecting at a greater rate. In the third round, a right high kick connected and sent the Portuguese star to the canvas.

Although he got back to his feet, the defining strike was enough to push the bout firmly in Pongsiri’s favor as the bout went to the scorecards.

Full Card

Muangsap Kiatsongrit vs. Sibsan Nokkhao KorMor11

Sibsan Winner by Split Decision

Rambong Sor Therapat vs. Singdomthong Nokjeanladkrabang

Singdomthong Winner by Unanimous Decision

Songfangkhong FA Group vs. Denpayak Detpetchsrithong

Songfangkhong Winner by Unanimous Decision

Rachan Sor Somnuk vs. Mahahin Nakbinalaiyon

Mahahin Winner by Split Decision

Aliff Sor Dechapan vs. Ratchadej Sor Petjumrat

Aliff Winner by Knockout

Sinsamut Klinmee vs. Victor Teixeira

Sinsamut Winner by TKO

Black Panther vs. Mohammad Sadeghi

Black Panther Winner by Split Decision

Jaising Sitnayokpunsak vs. Amir Abdulmuslimov

Abdulmuslimov Winner by Knockout

Nongam Fairtex vs. Lisa Brierley

Nongam by Knockout

Isaque Moura vs. Georgy Shahruramazanov

Shahruramazanov Winner by Unanimous Decision

Asliddin Eshankulov vs. Nadyr Aliev

Eshankulov Winner by Submission

Muay Thai Barnburner 👊🔥 Fabio Reis & Pongsiri Went To War

All the thrilling action from the action-packed scrap between Portuguese warrior Fabio Reis and Thai superstar Pongsiri in the main event of ONE Friday Fight...

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