ONE Friday Fights 23 Recap

ONE Friday Fights 23 Recap

ONE Championship was back inside Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Friday, June 30, for ONE Friday Fights 23.

A week after a stacked event thrilled the audience with two title tilts, another night of exciting martial arts action kept the excitement rolling in Bangkok.

What if you missed any of the great matchups from Thailand? Here is your recap of ONE Friday Fights 23.

​Main Event: Paedsanlek PK Saenchai vs. Kongklai Annymuaythai

Main Event

Paedsanlek PK Saenchai vs. Kongklai Annymuaythai

Kongklai Winner by Knockout

After a competitive first round, Kongklai Annymuaythai turned the tides against Paedsanlek PK Saenchai in the second frame.

Paedsanlek was throwing good combinations and forcing Kongklai on his back foot. However, a straight left changed the game for the first knockdown. Paedsanlek stayed aggressive, but Kongklai’s powerful left connected during a wild exchange for a second knockdown.

Kongklai tried to turn the heat up with combinations to get rid of Paedsanlek, but his compatriot responded with his continued aggression. But the finish would still come. Once they were in close quarters, Kongklai leveled Paedsanlek with three consecutive knees that put him away for good.

Full Card

Beckham Bigwinchampiongym vs. Anton Petrov

Beckham Winner by Unanimous Decision

Pettong Kiatsongrit vs. Stephen Irvine

Irvine Winner by Knockout

Petlampun Muadablampang vs. Patakake Sinbimuaythai

Petlampun Winner by Unanimous Decision

Chokdee Maxjandee vs. Numsurin Chor Ketwina

Numsurin Winner by Unanimous Decision

Songchainoi Kiatsongrit vs. Mungkorn Boomdeksean

Songchainoi Winner by Knockout

Kompet Fairtex vs. Huo Xiaolong

Kompet Winner by Unanimous Decision

River Daz vs. Silviu Vitez

Vitez Winner by Unanimous Decision

Jose Manuel Hita vs. Alexandr Skvortsov

Skvortsov Winner by Majority Decision

Yu Yau Pui vs. Marie Ruumet

Yu Winner by Unanimous Decision

Lawrence Phillips vs. Dalir Moradian

Phillips Winner by TKO

Chayan Oorzhak vs. Avliyohon Hamidov

Oorzhak Winner by TKO

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