Thanh Le

ONE Championship has showcased some of the finest talents from all around the globe, and one of the fastest-rising nations on the global stage has been Vietnam.

The talent coming out of Vietnam has produced some of the most exhilarating finishes in recent memory.

Two of the top athletes of Vietnamese heritage have been featherweight kings Martin "The Situ-Asian" Nguyen and Thanh Le.

Nguyen, an Australian-Vietnamese star, has conquered two divisions during his stint in the organization. The heavy-handed athlete first picked up the ONE Featherweight World Championship before claiming the ONE Lightweight World Title to become the first-ever ONE double champion.

At ONE: Inside The Matrix, Thanh Le ascended to the top of the featherweight division against Nguyen.

The Vietnamese-American completed his objective with a dazzling knockout over "The Situ-Asian" in what was promised to be an all-action title tilt. It delivered on that promise and highlighted the tremendous Vietnamese talent.

In ONE Super Series, "No. 1" Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat delivers some of the most spectacular performances. The Vietnamese warrior is displaying his skills in the striking arts as one of the top Muay Thai practitioners in the world today.

As the martial arts world continues to grow, fans should expect more amazing talent to come from Vietnam. The talent-rich region has already produced World Champions, and there is undoubtedly more to ascend to greatness in the years to come.

Enjoy this hard-hitting compilation provided by Asia's largest sports media property of some of the best finishes from ONE's Vietnamese athletes!

INSANE Vietnamese Finishes In ONE Championship 🇻🇳

VIETNAMESE POWER: Feast your eyes on the CRAZIEST finishes from ONE's Vietnamese warriors.

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