ONE Next Gen II

ONE Championship was back at on Friday, November 12, with ONE: NextGen II. It was a six-bout card airing from the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and it delivered with a memorable night of martial arts action across three sports.

Rittewada Petchyindee Academy made a strong debut against Saemapetch Fairtex, Tang Kai stated his case for a ranking, and two featherweights showed themselves worthy in alternate bouts for the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix.

Miss any of the action from Singapore? Here is a recap of ONE: NextGen II.

Main Event: Saemapetch vs. Rittewada

Main Event

Saemapetch vs. Rittewada

Rittewada Winner by TKO

Round 2 - 2:10

Rittewada seized his opportunity against the #1-ranked bantamweight Muay Thai contender with a second-round TKO, but it did not come easy.

Saemapetch was on fire early and dropped his compatriot in the first round. The top-ranked bantamweight seemed poised for a finish, but the Petchyindee Academy representative was able to make it to the bell.

In the second round, Saemapetch was still finding a home for his heavy strikes. However, Rittewada began firing off elbows that were catching Saemapetch. One of those elbows opened up a cut on the Fairtex Gym warrior, and it was enough to get the doctor to halt the contest.

The victory was massive for Rittewada, who immediately established himself as a major player in the bantamweight division. The Thai star becomes another exciting addition to the ranks and a possible challenger for Nong-O Gaiyanghadao.

Full Card

Tang Kai vs. Yoon Chang Min

Tang Winner by TKO

Zhang Chunyu vs. Dovydas Rimkus

Rimkus Winner by Majority Decision

Smokin' Jo Nattawut vs. Yurik Davtyan

Nattawut Winner by KO

Agilan Thani vs. Hiroyuki Tetsuka

Tetsuka Winner by TKO

Han Zi Hao vs. Victor Pinto

Han Winner by Unanimous Decision

Tang Kai's roll continues. The Chinese athlete is unbeaten in ONE competition and moved his overall record to 13-2 with a first-round TKO over Yoon Chang Min. The Chinese athlete has been calling for a title shot or a ranked opponent for some time, and it is unquestionable that he has earned a match against a top contender with his 11th KO/TKO finish.

Dovydas Rimkus put on a show against China's Zhang Chunyu to state his case for inclusion in the ONE Featherweight World Grand Prix. The Lithuanian put together a solid three-round performance, even overcoming some adversity, to pick up the win.

In the first ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix alternate bout, Smokin' Jo Nattawut put a stamp on his candidacy with a blistering first-round KO. The finish over Yurik Davtyan could make him the frontrunner should any remaining participant have to drop out from the tournament. The staggering KO will be seen on highlights for years to come.

Agilan Thani and Hiroyuki Tetsuka went toe-to-toe, but a late surge by the Japanese warrior paid off with a TKO finish. The wild action showed how evenly matched the two athletes were prior to the finish. The victory will give Tetsuka some momentum for the new year as he makes a play for welterweight contendership.

Han Zi Hao and Victory Pinto went to battle for three full rounds, and at the end of the exciting matchup, it could have been anyone's bout. Both men felt they did enough, but it was the Chinese athlete who got the nod on the scorecards.

Like a hot knife through butter Rittewada takes home the TKO over Saemapetch due to doctor stoppage! #ONENextGen2 #WeAreONE

Tang Kai BREAKS "The Big Heart" Yoon Chang Min 👊💔

Surging featherweight Tang Kai stayed hot with a massive KNOCKOUT WIN over Yoon Chang Min! Has the Chinese star earned a place in the official ONE rankings?...

Smokin’ Jo Nattawut SCORCHES Yurik Davtyan 🔥💥

Thai star Smokin’ Jo Nattawut turned up the heat to KNOCK OUT Yurik Davtyan and secure an alternate spot in the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix...

The HUGE KNOCKOUT That Ended Agilan Thani vs. Hiroyuki Tetsuka 👊😳

The back-and-forth clash between Malaysian superstar Agilan “Alligator” Thani and “Japanese Beast” Hiroyuki Tetsuka ended with a FEROCIOUS knockout!#ONENextG...
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