Arjan Bhullar

On Saturday, May 15, ONE Championship returned with a sensational five-bout card capped off by a ONE Heavyweight World Championship main event.

Arjan "Singh" Bhullar became the first heavyweight in ONE to topple Brandon "The Truth" Vera at ONE: Dangal and became India's first-ever mixed martial arts World Champion in the process. The former Commonwealth Games gold medalist adds to his collection of accolades and now leads a division that is only deepening with talent by the day.

What else went down in Singapore? Here is your chance to catch up with a recap of all the happenings from ONE: Dangal.

Main Event: Brandon Vera vs. Arjan Bhullar

Bhullar Winner by TKO

Round 2 - 4:27

India now has its first-ever mixed martial arts World Champion. Arjan Bhullar seized the opportunity and ousted Brandon Vera in the second round for the ONE Heavyweight World Championship. Bhullar and Vera got through the first round as they felt each other out and hand a few moments a piece before regrouping in their respective corners.

However, the second round belonged to the Canadian-Indian. He stunned Vera on the feet and kept the intensity up as he felt the title inching closer. As he got onto top position, Bhullar reigned down heavy shots and never allowed Vera a chance to return to his feet. The referee called a stop to the action and ushered in a new heavyweight era for the first time in ONE's history.

Tawanchai PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym vs. Sean Clancy

Tawanchai Winner by KO

Tawanchai PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym is among the very best strikers in the world, and she showed exactly why against Sean "Clubber" Clancy in his ONE debut. The Thai superstar wanted to finish with a head kick knockout, and he did just that by starting his ONE tenure with a highlight-reel finish in the second round. The bantamweight Muay Thai striker instantly becomes a top contender for Nong-O Gaiyanghadao, and that match could highlight a massive end to 2021.

Bi Nguyen vs. Ritu Phogat

Nguyen Winner by Split DecisionBi "Killer Bee" Nguyen proved she is nobody's stepping stone in the atomweight division. With Ritu "The Indian Tigress" Phogat eyeing the ONE Atomweight Grand Prix in a couple of weeks, Nguyen erased those dreams with a split decision victory. Nguyen overcame early takedowns to have a big third round on the feet as Phogat faded late. The considerable risk Phogat took in accepting the bout did not pay off, and now she has lost her place in the upcoming tournament.

Ayaka Miura vs. Rayane Bastos

Miura Winner by SubmissionAyaka Miura has done it yet again. The talented Japanese grappler not only got another submission, but somehow it was yet another scarf hold armlock. The finish is a testament not only to her skill with the technique but her raw strength once on the mat. Miura muscled Rayane Bastos' arm into position and torqued with her body to get the tap.

Gurdarshan Mangat vs. Roshan Mainam

Mangat Winner by Unanimous Decision

It was an all-Indian affair to get the evening started as Roshan Mainam and Gurdarshan "Saint Lion" Mangat met in a catchweight contest. Although Mainam had been riding a string of success into the matchup, it was Mangat who ran away with the victory. The Canadian-Indian shut down the wrestling of Mainam and picked him apart on the feet until the final bell rang. All the judges saw it for "Saint Lion," and he moves back into the talk of being a promising contender in the flyweight division.

Highlights From The BRAWL Between Brandon Vera & Arjan Bhullar

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