Ocean State Grand Nationals: Approved Music for Competitors

Ocean State Grand Nationals
Photo Courtesy: Chris Split Photography

The Ocean State Grand Nationals, a NASKA World Tour event coming up April 8-10 in Warwick, Rhode Island, has released the website they will be using for competitors to have royalty-free music for the finals on Saturday evening. The show is being aired on The CW Television Network, a joint venture by the CBS Entertainment Group and Paramount Global, so the use of this music is necessary for copyright purposes. For our readers who aren't familiar with sport karate, check out the bottom of this article to learn what this means. For those of you attending the Ocean State Grand Nationals, please read the following paragraph carefully.

If you expect to qualify for the night show, please click this link for the Envato Elements music library and select the songs that you would like to use. The song selection is completely free of charge, but it is only approved for use specifically at the Ocean State Grand Nationals for now. Once you have made your selections, please email the song to the promoters at drka111@aol.com. After receiving confirmation that you have successfully reserved that song (or songs), you have the option to have the music cut or remixed to match your form. You must send the edited version to the aforementioned email for it to be used, otherwise they will just play the original uncut version of the song when you take the stage. These rules regarding music only apply to the Saturday night finals, you can use any music that you would like for the eliminations.

For those of you who are new to sport karate: One of the premier events in sport martial arts competition is the musical division. There are separate divisions for forms and weapons in which competitors choreograph their own forms that will be performed with the music at varying levels of synchronization. Sometimes movements are specifically choreographed to the beats, sometimes competitors use the music as background noise to compliment the speed or pace of a form. Competitors can choose to do a traditional performance to music, but many elect to add acrobatic kicking (tricking) or weapons manipulations to their foundational martial arts techniques to make it an extreme form. You can learn more about the creative/musical/extreme divisions in North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) competition by clicking here.

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