NUWAY Combat’s Judo Event in San Marcos, California

Nuway Combat
Gary Goltz/ Jerry Hays
This past weekend I was invited to referee the judo tournament held by NUWAY Combat at a venue in in San Marcos near San Diego by Arsen Aleksanyan their Director.

Judo Event

Gary Goltz/ Jerry Hays


Gary Goltz/ Jerry Hays

Cheryl Harai, me. Keith Bryant - USA Judo's CEO, Arsen Aleksanyan, Tony Okada, & OJ Soler

Arsen is an Olympic Silver Medalist from Michigan State alumni where he was a member of their wrestling team under NUWAY's founder and CEO Dave Dean who was their coach. NUWAY's motto is The approach to combat and everyday life should be the same, as stated by Miyamoto Musashi.

NUWAY is an organization that supports combat sports and state wrestling associations at the

grassroots level all the way up to collegiate level. NUWAY sponsors events at the grade school,

junior high, & high school level with local, state, & national events. They have expanded to

other traditional grappling martial arts including BJJ and now judo.

Tournament Action

Judo Tournament

Gary Goltz/ Jerry Hays

Judo Throws

Gary Goltz/ Jerry Hays

Judo Throw

Gary Goltz/ Jerry Hays

I'm always looking for new subjects to write about regarding judo as well as contributions from my readers. Please send them to gary@garygoltz.com, thanks.


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