Buist and Uulu MMA ONE Championship

When ONE Championship closes out November with ONE: NextGen III, a previously recorded event airing on Friday, November 26, lightweight hopefuls will be spotlighted as they attempt to finish the year on a high note.

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Joseph Bein
Photo Courtesy: Joseph Bein via Facebook

After years of success with numerous individual and demo team accolades under the leadership of Mike Welch, veteran Team Infinity member Joseph Bein will now take over as head coach. Welch and other key role players at Infinity Martial Arts decided to shift their focus to the franchise and lift the brand to another level from a business standpoint after attending Adam Kifer's Relentless Membership Summit last weekend. Bein inherits a squad that fields a world championship-caliber demo team and has a strong core of star competitors including Connor Chasteen, Alex Riggs, Will Nevitt, Noell Jellison, Diego Rodriguez-Florez, Sofia Rodriguez-Florez, and Alyss Groce who are all currently ranked by the Black Belt Magazine Rankings.

Bein has coached InfiniTeam, Infinity's developmental team, for several years and has worked heavily in networking and recruitment for Team Infinity during that time, which is why Welch entrusted Bein with the head coach position. When asked about what it meant to him to be the coach of Team Infinity, Bein told Black Belt: "I've made some of my best friends, had the greatest experiences and even fallen in love, a couple times now for those of you who are keeping track, all through my time with Team Infinity. My biggest goal moving forward is to give everyone on this team the best experience during their time here."

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Glen Keeney Western Karate
It's been reported Black Belt Magazine hall of famer Glenn Keeney passed away last week at the age of 79. Inducted in 1977 as that year's hall of fame instructor, Keeney was one of the most influential martial arts promoters in America. Born in Anderson, Ind. in 1942, he became interested in martial arts as a teenager, eventually training in Okinawan goju karate starting in the early 1960s.
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WKF Italy Kumite
Italy lead the overall medal count while Japan took home the most golds as the final day of the 2021 World Karate Championships concluded in Dubai, Sunday. The Italians starched Serbia 3-0 in the finals of the men's team kumite event giving them nine medals for the tournament. Meanwhile, Japan took both the men's and women's team kata competitions with each squad performing the unsu form. Japan ended up bringing home a total of four championships on the week.
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