New Zealand Church Exploits Migrant Taekwondo Instructors

New Zealand Church Exploits Migrant Taekwondo Instructors
Trustees of a church in Dunedin, New Zealand exploited two migrants making them work and teach in a taekwondo school according to a finding by that country's Employment Relations Authority (ERA).

The Jesus Aroma Church received donations from Korean churches which they used to then employ migrant Song Choi at the Dunedin Taekwondo Academy, which is operated by the local church's trustees as a commercial business. Choi was supposed to have been employed as a pastor but instead ended up cleaning the taekwondo school and assisting the instructor, Andrew Jeon. Jeon, too, was found to have been exploited by the trustees, who were ordered by the ERA to pay the pair more than $164,000.

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