South Korea Designates Martial Arts Manual a National Treasure

img.koreatimes.co.kr The Korea Times

Korea's oldest combat techniques text to become national treasure

The Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea announced Friday that the Muyejebo (Muyechebo), the oldest surviving Korean martial arts manual, will be named a state-designated treasure. Currently held by the Suwon Hwaseong Museum in the city of Suwon, the Muyejebo dates from 1598 when it was compiled to instruct soldiers in the rudiments of combat.

The treatise is based on a translation of an earlier Chinese military manual, the Jixiao Xinshu, which included instruction in fighting with weapons as well as illustrations of 16th century Chinese boxing techniques. In addition to the Chinese martial arts documented in the original Muyejebo, later versions also included information on Japanese martial arts, particularly sword techniques.

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