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By world-renowned martial artist and author Burton Richardson

I love jiu-jitsu. I also love functional, real world self-defense. Not the artistic kind where one guy holds his arm out while the other goes through his routine. I'm talking real self-defense practiced in a way that looks like MMA training or world-class sport jiu-jitsu preparation. But on the street, there are guns, knives, head butts, groin strikes, eye gouges, and biting. That's the environment that BJJ For The Street prepares you for.

We all know that tournament jiu-jitsu training does not sufficiently prepare us for the environment of an MMA fight. There are many dangerous elements that must be addressed. But people often think that sport jiu-jitsu training does prepare us for the absolutely no rules environment of a violent street assault.

Extreme self defense has many more variables than a cage fight because there are no restrictions at all. I'm not talking about honor matches at the beach. I mean the vicious, no regard for human life attacks.

What's the most dangerous technique you must look for if you end up on the ground in the street? A triangle choke? Rear naked choke? A head butt? No. It's when the aggressor pulls a gun or knife. That is the most dangerous scenario, so we have to train to deal with weapons FIRST. Make sense?

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Here's the great news. If you already train in jiu-jitsu you have a huge head start. You will just need to understand how to modify your jiu-jitsu to account for weapons, eye attacks, groin grabs, and bites.

If you've never trained jiu-jitsu, but have trained self-defense arts, you also have a big head start as dealing with the street scenarios are very familiar to you.

The BJJ For The Street book is a comprehensive approach to the real world dangers that exist on the street. I hope you never have to use these methods, but if you end up in an extreme situation, make sure you are trained For The Street!


BJJ For the Streets

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