Xu Xiadong Back KOing Tai Chi Master

Xu Xiadong

A recently released video shows controversial Chinese mixed martial artist and sometimes political dissident Xu Xiaodong back in action last week knocking out yet another traditional Chinese martial arts challenger. Xu took on Chen Yong, who claimed to be a master of Wu style tai chi chuan, at an outdoor setting in Guangzhou, China.

Chen had been clamoring for the fight against Xu, who has made a name for himself by knocking out kung fu practitioners in challenge matches and decrying traditional martial arts online, for more than a year but had repeatedly postponed their bout. He probably should have continued the postponements as the "fight" lasted only 10 seconds with Xu feeling his opponent out with a couple of kicks, then landing a left jab that had Chen stumbling back against the cage and instantly quitting.

11.28.2020 | Xu Xiaodong TKO Tai Chi Master Chen Yong in 5 secondswww.youtube.com

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