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Burt Watson might be a good secret code word to check if someone is an actual fan of Mixed Martial Arts or not. Maybe if you are trying to gain entrance in the super-secret 'hardcore-not-casual' club, a first level of security could be to name Bruce Buffer or his signature phrase (which, to be honest is just a loud statement of fact more so than a phrase) – Bonus points for knowing which one (only is one) numbered event Buffer missed. To root out spies and potential threats to the sanctity of this club one might have to give three names of opponents to either Ronda Rousey (heck, we might just ask if someone would leave the 'H' out of her name) or Demetrious Johnson. So we are clear here, these initial statements may have already excluded quite a few from the club. So be it.
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MMA Gloves
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Recent crossovers in boxing and MMA and long-standing discussion over fighters' status and pay have sparked more conversation regarding their options. Recent news of a looming promotion startup (WFL) that is whispering solutions in that regard should get people thinking and talking. Long before Youtube and even television, there were game shows. Very early in the game show biz, one title had a dollar figure ($10,000 in the 70s and $100,000 in its later revival) and something to do with a Pyramid. The premise in this game is the important part. Namely, that one of two people describes something without actually stating it so as to hopefully give the other person enough info to guess what it is. For example: The phrase to guess: "Things with horns". Clues given to the guesser: "Goats, antelopes....". Incidentally, the writer's first guess would be Georges St-Pierre if GOATS were the clue. That might be more humorous later. No guarantee though. Depends on attention spans.
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Black Belt

It may surprise the reader that not everyone agrees that being in a state of flow is the only way to perform optimally. This is not the place for that philosophical debate. You can feel free to look up current thought on such things from scientists like Andrew Huberman and his colleagues. It is introduced here to make a more specific point. When do you know when you are doing the best you can at something? When do you know if you are successful at an endeavor? If you ask Jim Miller, he will tell you he has yet to have what he might deem a perfect fight. If you ask new champ Glover Teixeira he will tell you the belt is not an end of his story, but one of many milestones.

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Hermann Bayer
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Karate has become a kind of shorthand for all martial arts in the mind of the general public, and so it is surprising how much we don't know about it. The new book Analysis of Genuine Karate - Misconceptions, Origins, Development, and True Purpose by Hermann Bayer, Ph.D. is a fascinating read and will open the reader's mind to a new way of looking at Karate. Dr. Bayer spoke with me recently and shared his inspiring and fascinating thoughts on the way Karate is taught, the application of technique, and martial arts as we age.
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