Guillermo Gomez Live Training Seminar

Guillermo Gomez

Black Belt presents LIVE training with Guillermo Gomez. Gomez will be teaching MISOGI: Martial Fusion Breathing Purification Techniques.

Guillermo Gomez is the founder of Martial Fusion and a 5th degree black belt in Aikido by Hombu Dojo of Japan. Master Gomez focuses on various aspects of martial arts especially in the elements of Zen which Aikido is well grounded in. His portion of his Martial Fusion program he'll be sharing today focuses on MISOGI.

This term and Guillermo's program enables us to enhance our ability to perceive, cultivate, and restore the vital energy around us. Through these MISOGI Martial Fusion breathing purification techniques we can increase our energy levels promoting health, vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity, intuition, creativity, tranquility, and spiritual awareness.

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