Melissa Baillargeon

Team: NMAC

Date of Birth: March 11, 1998

Style: Kenpo, Shito-ryu

Specialty: Traditional Forms and Weapons, Creative Weapons

Hometown: Quebec City, Canada

Location: Quebec City, Canada

Experience: 12 Years


Melissa Baillargeon is one of the most consistent competitors in the women's traditional divisions, and holds her own in creative weapons as well. She is known for the incredible power that she displays in her routines, with bo strikes that pop hard against her body and crisp empty-hand techniques during her katas. Baillargeon is always a threat to win the overall grand championships at NASKA tournaments and her success has made her one of the most well-known competitors on Team NMAC, coached by Mike Palitti.

The third degree black belt in Kenpo and first degree Yoseikan black belt has claimed world championships in four different leagues. Her résumé includes six WKC titles, three WKU titles, two ISKA titles, and sixteen NASKA titles. In addition to being a top competitor, Baillargeon is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in sports intervention.

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