Born April 19, 1969, Shannon Emery Lee is the only daughter of martial artist and kung fu film legend Bruce Lee. As a youngster, she studied jeet kune do under Richard Bustillo, who was one of her father’s students. However, her serious studies didn’t begin until the late 1990s. To prepare for roles in action movies, she restarted her jeet kune do studies under the tutelage of Ted Wong. As the action in her roles intensified, such as Enter the Eagles (1998), Shannon Emery Lee increased her martial arts studies. She trained in taekwondo with Tan Dao-liang and wushu with Eric Chen. She also learned martial arts from the action director of Enter the Eagles, Yuen De, who is Jackie Chan’s Chinese opera brother. Because the film required her to fight Benny Urquidez, Shannon Emery Lee also took up kickboxing. Urquidez was her teacher. Today, Shannon Emery Lee keeps her hand in the martial arts world as the president of Bruce Lee Enterprises, which is a public-benefit corporation that seeks to preserve, perpetuate and disseminate Bruce Lee’s life example, philosophies and jeet kune do.

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