American-born Randy Duane Couture is the non-Brazilian face of mixed martial arts. In fact, Randy Couture and fellow fighter Chuck Liddell made MMA a part of pop culture. He also set many “firsts” for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Randy “The Natural” Couture was born June 22, 1963. Before his debut at the UFC 13 (May 1997), Randy Couture was a three-time Olympic team alternative wrestler for the United States (1988, 1992, 1996). By December 1997 at UFC 15.5: Ultimate Japan 1, Randy Couture defeated Maurice Smith to earn his first UFC heavyweight title. At the UFC 44 (2003), Randy Couture defeated Tito Ortiz to win his first UFC light-heavyweight title and his second nickname: “Captain America.” Randy Couture’s victory over Tim Sylvia at the UFC 68 (2007) made him the first fighter in the UFC to become a three-time heavyweight champion and the first UFC fighter to hold championship titles at two different weights. At the UFC 105 (2009) when he defeated Brandon Vera, Randy Couture became the oldest fighter to win a UFC fight; he was 46 years old.

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