Jim Wagner

John Hackleman

Black Belt presents a LIVE training seminar going over self defense techniques with The Pit Master John Hackleman.

John Hackleman is owner and founder of The Pit. He has been the trainer for fighters world wide including Chuck Liddell, Tim Kennedy, and many more. John's style is Hawaiian Kenpo originally which incorporates elements of self defense he has adapted for real life scenerios.

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Apolo Ladra

Black Belt presents LIVE training with Apolo Ladra. Join us in his seminar The iKali Solution: Thrive Don't Just Survive.

Apolo Ladra is one of the greatest Pekiti Tirsia Kali in the U.S. under the lineage of Dan Inosanto and Leo Gaje Jr.. His program iKali: The Art of Blade has continued to carry on the legacy of these Filipino arts for instructors world wide.

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Harinder Singh

Black Belt presents live training with Sifu Harinder Singh. Be Water: how to adapt in a street fight.

Harinder Singh is the founder of JKD Athletics and lifetime martial arts practitioner in the art of Jeet Kune Do. Harinder has spent years training in the individual arts that are incorporated in Jeet Kune Do to better round out his self defense skills. His teaching methods have allowed him to train some of the most elite teams in the world including the Navy SEALS, U.S Secret Service, SWAT, and the FBI through various training engagements.

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Eyal Yanilov

Black Belt presents Live training with Krav Maga Global founder Eyal Yanilov. From robbery to hostage prevention: de-escelation and dealing with low to high level threats.

Eyal Yanilov will be leading a self defense seminar titled "From Robbery to Hostage Prevention, De-escalation, and Dealing with Low to High Level Threats." Eyal Yanilov is thought by many to be the father of Krav Maga. He will be training live out of his Krav Maga Global Headquarters in Tel Avis, Israel.

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Professor Mo demonstrating his 52 Blocks technique.

Black Belt Magazine

The best-known 52 Blocks instructor in America is Professor Mo, aka Mahaliel Bethea. He appeared on the cover of our June/July 2019 issue, as well as inside our June/July 2020 issue.

In the latter story, the New York City–based instructor teaches seven techniques from 52 Blocks. During the photo shoot, he demonstrated those techniques on video for Black Belt's online audience. One of the moves, called "roll the dice" is shown here.

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