After becoming the 1998 Nevada high-school wrestling champion, the American-borne Frank Mir began climbing up the MMA ladder by studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu. A few years later, a UFC matchmaker told Frank Mir to pursue a career in mixed martial arts. Several MMA fights later, Frank Mir’s climb gained national attention when he earned “Tapout of the Night” during his debut at the UFC 34. When Frank Mir defeated Tim Sylvia at the UFC 48 (2004), he became the UFC heavyweight champion, which earned Frank Mir his BJJ black belt from Ricardo Pires. Yet the celebration came to a crashing end three months later when Frank Mir suffered a broken femur and torn knee ligaments during a motorcycle accident. His title was stripped from him because he couldn’t compete. Although born in Las Vegas and the odds were against him coming back, Frank Mir upped the ante as his return to the UFC was met with several lackluster performances. Yet Frank Mir kept rolling the dice, and at the UFC 92 (2008) in Vegas, he aced the fight and won the UFC interim heavyweight championship against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

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