Back when it was fun to train at the YMCA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist David Meyer began his budoshin jiu-jitsu training in 1968 under Jack Seki at the Burbank, California, branch of the famous fitness center. Staying with the budoshin beat for nine years, David Meyer earned his black belt in 1977. After stints learning white lotus kung fu and teaching jiu-jitsu at Steven Seagal’s TenShin Dojo in Chico, California, from 1984 to1987, he became a vegetarian. In 1992, David Meyer joined the BJJ movement. By 1997, under Rigan and Jean Jacques Machado, David Meyer became one of the first Americans to reach black belt and then quickly made his mark as a highly successful competitor. The following year, David Meyer became the first American to win a medal in the BJJ Championships when he won a bronze medal in the black-belt open-weight-class division. Continuing his winning ways, David Meyer earned a gold medal in 2004 at the Pan Am Games’ senior black-belt division. David Meyer is also the co-founder of the world’s largest nonprofit pet adoption Web site, Adopt-a-Pet.com.

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