Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Techniques: Ambush From the Rear

“One must be ready to act without knowing what situation will present itself.”
—Bruce Lee

In the following technique sequence from Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method, the “Little Dragon” shows you how to react to an ambush from behind.

Bruce Lee’s Ambush From the Rear

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Bruce Lee's Fighting Method

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The assailant follows Lee, as in photos 1 to 3, but Lee is aware of him and pretends he doesn’t see him. Before the assailant can throw a punch, Lee counters with a side or back kick to the assailant’s knee, knocking him backward, as in photos 4 to 6. Lee follows up by turning to execute a groin kick, as in photos 7 and 8.

Note: If Lee had turned around to face the assailant, he would have given the assailant the added advantage of preparing for his attack. By being wary and pretending to be unaware, Lee allows himself this added advantage instead.

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