Johan Kirsilä Achieves Tricking Milestone

Johan Kirsila

Finnish tricker Johan Kirsilä has landed the world's first 3-2-2-2-2-2, a triple full followed by five consecutive double corkscrews.

Tricking is a sport that is rooted in extreme martial arts and incorporates various movement styles like parkour, gymnastics, and breakdancing. The corkscrew or "cork" is one of the most popular techniques in the sport, and is essentially a full-twisting backflip performed off of one leg as the other leg swings into the air. Setting cork world records has become a staple goal for all of the world's elite trickers, such as Michael Guthrie and Alexander Andersen landing quadruple corks or Bailey Payne executing twenty-five single corks in a row.

On October 9th, former Adrenaline Worldwide tricking champion Johan Kirsilä added a cork world record to his résumé by landing five consecutive double corks after a triple full, all using a swing-through transition. The Reebok-sponsored athlete is widely regarded as one of the top trickers in the world and has crafted this reputation with his mastery of twisting techniques like the corkscrew. Watch Kirsilä achieve this milestone in his Instagram video below.

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