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What’s Up Martial Artists! Welcome to The Black Belt Podcast a Martial Arts Lifestyle Show hosted by highly acclaimed multi style martial artist Harinder Singh in partnership with Black Belt Magazine. Come join us every 2 weeks for a new release and listen what our guests have to say. We have been rated among the best martial arts podcasts in the industry!

“We are going to bridge the gap between sport, tradition, and reality. Join me as I sit down with world class practitioners to discuss their lifestyles to teach you about their mindset, training, and fighting methods so that we can grow from their wisdom.” – Harinder Singh

Season 1 guests include Michael Jai White, Jocko Willink, Herb Perez, Rickson Gracie, Mike Swain, Justin Ren, John “The Pitmaster” Hackleman, Tony Blauer, Chatri Sityodang, Dave Kovar, Meisha Tate, Burton Richardson, Master Wong, Master Ken, Mike Ninomiya, and Jackson Rudolph.

Follow Harinder Singh @sifusingh and Black Belt Magazine @blackbeltmag.

DISCLAIMER: Our guests are highly trained experts and masters of their craft. They take many safety precautions to mitigate the risks involved in the practice of martial arts. All training methods and fighting strategies discussed in these podcasts should not be attempted without qualified supervision and training with professionals.

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