Martial Arts Orthotics

Proper arch support can help not only with feet but also with knee and lower back pain. Why is that?

It is well known that for some people, orthotic type arch support is necessary to treat certain conditions such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis. What is less known is that proper arch support can also help with or even reduce the risk of developing knee and lower back pain, especially when flattening of the feet or fallen arches are a contributing factor.

This is because as the arch drops, the leg rotates and the knee joint is subjected to additional stress. This rotation of the femur also causes the pelvis to tilt forward, accentuating the curvature of the spine and adding stress to the lower back. Everything is connected!

Fortunately, there is now a viable solution for those who need an orthotic type arch support during barefoot training. The MAO (short for Martial Arts Orthotics) were designed specifically for combat sports by martial artists under the guidance of one of Canada's leading chiropodists .

Martial Arts Orthotics

Important features of the MAO

  • Good barefoot contact is crucial in certain martial arts. That's why the MAO's open heel and toe design is so important. It allows for the heel and most of the forefoot to maintain contact with the tatami.
  • Some people have very sensitive feet. That's why the integrated pouch to host the arch pads is knit directly into the sleeve as it makes for a smooth seamless design
  • People have different support needs and the makers of the MAO made sure to accommodate them. The EVA arch pads come in two densities that are both supportive and shock absorbing.
  • Combat sports with their inherent bursts of speed are especially grueling on feet. That's why the MAO has a crucial feature, the spandex toe band. It's unique to the MAO, and is very effective at preventing the sleeve from rolling and bunching up under the foot while sparring. It also allows the pads to shift slightly under extreme lateral pressure and then to return in place when back in a normal stance.
Martial arts orthotics

Guaranteed for your peace of mind

The MAO were made to withstand the extreme abuse feet get during martial arts training. They are made with antimicrobial polypropylene, a very tough and long lasting yarn and the threads used for sewing are high friction resistant nylon and polyester. The MAO are guaranteed for a full year against manufacturing defects.

Made in Canada and USA

Martial arts arch support

In order to support local economies and to reduce greenhouse gas emission, the MAO are made entirely in Canada and the USA. The EVA pads, made exclusively for the MAO and the polypropylene yarn (made of recycled materials) are both made in the USA. The knitting and sewing is then done in Trenton and Mississauga, Canada.

A tried and versatile product

The MAO have been available since 2015 and have helped hundreds of athletes keep training despite the challenges created by flat feet or other conditions requiring arch support. Donald, Anna and James, the creators, are pleased that people have also started to use the MAO for other barefoot activities such as pilates, yoga and even dance!

MAO example

For those determined to keep training

One of the key reasons for the existence of the MAO is to help people who need arch support maintain healthy lifestyles by making it possible to enjoy their favorite barefoot sport activities. For more information, please visit or to purchase,

Keep Training!

Source :

Donald Mongeon, Anna Carpino-Mongeon and James Barbato at Engraft Pro Sock Mfg. Inc.

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