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Almost every police academy in the world teaches the same techniques when it comes to gun retention. "What is gun retention?" you ask. Not everybody knows.

Gun retention is what a police officer must do to keep his or her pistol from being taken from the holster by a suspect, and then shot with it during hand-to-hand combat. Tragically, it happens all too often.

The very first technique taught to a police recruit to retain his or her pistol is to apply downward pressure on the suspect's hand, or hands, which is gripping the pistol grip, because the pistol must be pulled upward to clear the holster. However, it's the following techniques that are taught that I believe most "experts" are wrong, which could actually get a police officer killed on duty. And, by "experts" I mean defensive tactics instructors (the law enforcement equivalent of civilian martial arts instructors).

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There are many martial art masters lauded for their ability to win medals and competitions, invent a new style, or showcase flashy ability on the large and small screen.

However, there are painfully few that can excel at that most necessary and overlooked of all skills in martial arts, the ability to teach. Steve Scott is a teacher.

Based on Scott's catalog of videos on his YouTube channel and his extraordinary books covering virtually every aspect of the grappling arts from specialties of the Juji Gatame to a thorough understanding of kinesiology and coaching, it is obvious that he can convey his ideas to a large audience in a variety of mediums. Scott was gracious enough to let me ask some burning questions of the grappling master.

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Darryn Melerine and Myron Gaudet, 5th and 4th degree black belts in Minami Ryu Jujitsu respectively, host a live seminar to share their knowledge of Tai Sabaki. Tune in for an exciting seminar from one of the most popular instructors on our Facebook page!