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The children who struggles with attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—the ones who might have washed out in other team sports—want to succeed. It's not that they don't care about the activity they're in. It's more likely that, when a fly ball flew into left field, they were focused more on admiring the jumping skills of a grasshopper than whether a ball was heading their way.

For parents and coaches, this lack of focus can be exhausting. However, these children aren't sentenced to a life of frustration. In my experience, the key to helping these children thrive was to find what motivates and interests them—their personal "grasshopper."

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The phenomenon of expansion of various martial arts and sports across the world is of such intensity which is hard to explain even to psychologists, sociologists, different sports journalists and other professionals. Because of this vast expansion, the process of teaching and educating persons by means of exercise or training includes a number of different experts. Unfortunately, among many high - quality experts, martial arts masters or martial arts trainers, there are those who do not correspond to such a profile, i.e. those who do not know or respect the basic principles of the teaching methodology in martial arts.
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As the economic kung fu superstar Bruce Lee flashes through the screen beating down, bullying and disgracing his people- his brand would affect directions to come. Much after his death, his brand remains relevant today. A brand that has inspired a six year old kid living in the violent projects, an experience to become a great escape and dream for this young kid. One that would ignite such a burning desire that after thirty something years that kid would achieve almost all of his dreams: a successful business, an author of multiple works, publisher of magazines, film director, fashion designer, producer of straight to DVD productions, a martial arts pioneer, and so much more.

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Leveraging Modern Gaming Strategies to Maximize Your School's Curriculum

Gamification of Personal Interactions

In a recent MAIA Elite seminar, Mr. Roland Osborne mentioned how he had updated his school's curriculum to create new sparring games or martial arts games in order to provide more entertainment to the students, or as he put it, a better student experience. Mr. Osborne qualified these new curriculum strategies as gamification of his course material.

Gamification is a new paradigm where business and educational institutions (for examples) are changing the way they engage their customers and/or students. It tries to move away from the mundane and in some cases, gamification of certain tasks simply tries to make jobs more enjoyable.

My personal interest of gamification began through my research of major corporations using gamification in their business marketing strategies …. rewards, challenges, even the use of a donut ring to track your savings … primarily to increase customer loyalty. Research also showed that Educational Institutions were looking at gamification in order to make the student experience more enticing, which to me was where I felt that martial arts schools could benefit from this new paradigm.

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