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Leveraging Modern Gaming Strategies to Maximize Your School's Curriculum

Gamification of Personal Interactions

In a recent MAIA Elite seminar, Mr. Roland Osborne mentioned how he had updated his school's curriculum to create new sparring games or martial arts games in order to provide more entertainment to the students, or as he put it, a better student experience. Mr. Osborne qualified these new curriculum strategies as gamification of his course material.

Gamification is a new paradigm where business and educational institutions (for examples) are changing the way they engage their customers and/or students. It tries to move away from the mundane and in some cases, gamification of certain tasks simply tries to make jobs more enjoyable.

My personal interest of gamification began through my research of major corporations using gamification in their business marketing strategies …. rewards, challenges, even the use of a donut ring to track your savings … primarily to increase customer loyalty. Research also showed that Educational Institutions were looking at gamification in order to make the student experience more enticing, which to me was where I felt that martial arts schools could benefit from this new paradigm.

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The Covid-19 pandemic brought challenges to the martial arts industry that have never been seen before.

In my latest series of articles "Martial Arts After the Pandemic," I examined how school owners and organizations had to adapt to the new environment. Even though some school owners managed to find new ways to keep their businesses running, and keep students engaged, many took heavy losses.

While most school owners are clawing their way back from the economic abyss brought on by Covid-19, it will be years, if ever, that they can find a way to pay off the debt and unforeseen expenses brought on by the required shutdowns.

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In review of loss activity during the 2020 pandemic for Markel's martial arts insured, the most impactful events involved water damage. Water damage to any business can have a devastating impact. A martial arts studio can suffer downtime associated with water extraction and mat or floor replacement. During mat or floor replacement, a martial arts studio may expose their students to surfaces that are inappropriate for a particular activity resulting in an increased possibility of injury. Additional damage can involve damage to business personal property, such as computers, laptops, phone systems, pictures, and other memorabilia important to your dojo.

Swift actions are often necessary to reduce the extent of damage water can cause when it becomes an intrusive assailant.

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Many martial arts schools are owned and operated by people who love what they do and are committed to the success of their students and business.

For many school owners, the challenge of the restrictions to training stemming from the lockdown and the lingering effects of the pandemic have been to find alternative ways to provide quality instruction in a safe environment. School owners and instructors have had to be more creative, and learn to pivot and diversify as they adapt to the challenges of the constantly shifting sands of Covid-19 protocols.

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