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Have you dreamed of opening your own martial arts school but held back? Maybe it’s because of your other job. Maybe it’s because your spouse doesn’t want you to be gone in the evening. Maybe it’s because you think you don’t have the time. Maybe it’s because you’re not confident you have the business skills. Maybe it’s because you believe there’s already too much competition out there.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article titled “13 Reasons You Should Open a Dojo.” Martial artists who offered feedback cited those reasons for not doing it. Another said he had a successful school that he ran on his own but sold it because he was burned out.

If you harbor any of these uncertainties, perhaps the answer is to join forces with your spouse and/or kids to create a family-operated dojo. It’s a proven martial arts model with limitless possibilities, and having two or more people running the show can solve all the problems mentioned above. Operating such a school is also fulfilling — there’s nothing like being in it together.
I’ll start the discussion by assuming that you or your spouse has earned a black belt or a similar certification and that at least one of you possesses sufficient teaching experience. If both of you have credentials, that’s even better. It means you can function as a team.

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