Martial Arts Industry

This week I've asked Robert Borisch to give me a birds eye view on his marketing strategy.

Robert is the head sensei and owner of Tri-City Judo a well-established commercial judo school in Kennewick, Washington. I am very impressed with his highly successful business. Unlike BJJ, TKD, karate, and krav maga, in judo we tend to teach in community centers, YMCA's, and other not for profit outlets. So when I find a for profit judo model that is growing by leaps and bounds, it intrigues me. Below are Robert's raw and uncensored comments spoken like a true commercial martial arts school entrepreneur / owner.

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There are many martial art masters lauded for their ability to win medals and competitions, invent a new style, or showcase flashy ability on the large and small screen.

However, there are painfully few that can excel at that most necessary and overlooked of all skills in martial arts, the ability to teach. Steve Scott is a teacher.

Based on Scott's catalog of videos on his YouTube channel and his extraordinary books covering virtually every aspect of the grappling arts from specialties of the Juji Gatame to a thorough understanding of kinesiology and coaching, it is obvious that he can convey his ideas to a large audience in a variety of mediums. Scott was gracious enough to let me ask some burning questions of the grappling master.

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Darryn Melerine and Myron Gaudet, 5th and 4th degree black belts in Minami Ryu Jujitsu respectively, host a live seminar to share their knowledge of Tai Sabaki. Tune in for an exciting seminar from one of the most popular instructors on our Facebook page!

What can be said about 2020 in retrospect that wasn't lamented when the year was a work in progress? Likely not much.

The one bright spot is that all the FUD — fear, uncertainty and doubt — didn't stop martial artists from doing what they do best: representing the arts, serving as role models, helping those who are less fortunate, and meeting the needs of their students and followers despite lockdowns and social distancing.

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