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Hollie Hamm

Hollie Hamm discusses the upcoming Destin Open and some of the factors that helped her become a successful school owner with a passionate team of instructors.

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Join 22x Sport Karate World Champion Josh Quartin as he breaks down foundational sword cuts and extreme tricks. Josh used these skills to claim two ISKA titles in his career and is now a respected instructor for Victory Martial Arts.

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Every martial arts school owner I know is suffering right now — some are in dire straights and some are just "in a pickle." In my 40 years of running a dojo, I've never seen anything like what's happened to our industry since March of this year.

When I started writing this column, we'd just passed the 100-day mark since residents of California were last allowed to provide on-site martial arts instruction, whether at a commercial school, a rec center, a YMCA or any other facility. Fortunately, we just got the "go" signal from our county. Now, businesses like mine can reopen.

The first thing we did was post on our Facebook page: "Classes at the dojo begin this Friday!" That was the easy part. The hard part is ongoing. It entails confronting the fact that because the coronavirus is still with us, we all face unprecedented restrictions that vary according to our state and even our county.

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Bailey Murphy is one of the top point fighters in the world today, having won eight overall grand championships in his first two seasons as an adult. Join him to learn some of his secrets to success!


Mason Stowell is a kata competitor for Team USA and is one of the top 20 ranked athletes for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. He holds multiple world championships for both traditional and extreme martial arts in several leagues. Join this seminar to learn some of his secrets to being a top kata performer.

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