State Representative Cites Martial Arts Teaching Background in Proposing Education Bill

Shutterstock / YP_Studio
Lawmakers in Michigan Tuesday debated changes that would increase the role of parents in public school education, including a bill sponsored by state representative, and martial arts instructor, Gary Eisen mandating schools make information on all curriculum, field trips, extra curricular activities and a list of every teacher available to the public. Speaking to the Michigan House Education Committee, Eisen argued that he was an educator as well saying he teaches 80 students at his martial arts school and his curriculum is available to any parents who email him.

Opponents see the bill as part of a nationwide conservative effort to restrict discussions of controversial topics, such as "critical race theory," in public schools. Eisen, a Republican, had been removed from all his committee assignments by fellow Michigan GOP lawmakers in 2020 following criticism that he sought to undermine the state's electoral college results in the presidential election.

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