Analysis: Man Uses Flashy Martial Arts Moves Against Two Armed Foes

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Shutterstok / vectorfusionart
The website ghbase.com reported on a video posted to the Instagram account saintavenue_ent1 which apparently shows closed camera security footage of a man employing some martial arts skills to fight off what seems to be a pair of blade-wielding assailants. The footage shows a man and woman unlocking a building door when they sense the two attackers approaching.

As the woman steps inside, the man turns to face the attackers using what might have been martial arts training or perhaps just an instinctual reaction based on having viewed martial arts movies. He attempts a front kick that backs off one of his assailants then does a kata-like jump setting himself into a stance before throwing several more front kicks that keeps the attackers at bay and ultimately has them fleeing.

A few positive and negative takeaways from the encounter martial artists might want to keep in mind:

1. The couple was slow to initially react when they sensed people approaching and, perhaps, could have avoided a direct confrontation by picking up on the men's presence more quickly.

2. Though Instagram commentators thought the man could have rushed inside to avoid the attackers, they appeared to be too close already and he was, therefore, probably correct in keeping them outside where he had more room to move and could keep them away from his companion. Even if the victim was carrying a weapon of his own, his assailants might have been too close for him to have sufficient time to deploy it.

3. While grappling has become a favored unarmed self-defense method in attempting to deal with a single, weapon-wielding enemy, in the case of fighting multiple armed attackers, the individual probably made the correct choice in remaining on his feet and not engaging at close quarters. Immediately taking the offensive to force his attackers to back off, as well as straight line power kicks to keep them at a distance, were also likely good choices.

4. The victim was fortunate the assailants were not fully committed to attacking and did not work as a team to simultaneously attack him, in which case standing or even ground grappling skills might have become necessary, though extremely difficult to employ under such conditions.

Given the circumstances, the victim did about as well as anyone could be expected to do in defending himself and his companion.

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