Kidz Action Martial Arts Announces Largest Kids’ Awards Event

The Kidz Action Martial Arts Awards (KAMACA) organization announced that it will be hosting the world's largest kids' awards event of its kind on January 29, 2022. The multi-part occasion will be held at the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and will feature an awards ceremony, dinner with internationally renowned martial arts stars and masters, world's first KAMACA heroes book featuring biographies of all award recipients, a national tournament, and a free young entrepreneurs seminar. The event is being produced by industry legend, Alan Goldberg and presented in conjunction with his Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honor Expo at the largest gathering of martial artists in the world.

"This is a very important year for our event," said Master Kimber Johnson, Co-Director of KAMACA. "The past year has been especially difficult for kids. Because of the Covid pandemic, they've been isolated from friends and family members, forced to attend school on the internet, and kept from their social and sports activities. Yet, what we have found in the martial arts industry is that our kids have not only met the challenges, they have excelled in spite of them."

Professor Willie "The Bam" Johnson, Co-Director of the organization, continued, "The perseverance of young martial artists around the country has been incredible. They embody the true tenants of the sport, including discipline, integrity, respect, and service. These are the kids who didn't quit. They adapted to the difficulties. They helped their families, they met their school requirements, they stayed in touch with their teammates and encouraged each other. Then, instead of retreating to the sofa and video games, they worked through online classes from their martial arts schools, pushed furniture back in their bedrooms to practice forms, did workouts alone in vacant lots, devised workout equipment from pillow cases filled with sand, improvised broom handles for swords, used tree limbs for pull-up bars, and ran miles of laps in their backyards to stay in shape. They refused to let the pandemic beat them, so we feel it's important to give special recognition to these young heroes because they are truly the best of the best of their generation."

In addition to the recognition of being selected as an award winner, this year's recipients will be featured in the first ever KAMACA Heroes book that honors these future leaders and carves out their place in the history of martial arts.

"We are excited to be publishing this special book for these young achievers," said Grand Master Jessie Bowen, President of Elite Publications. "For years, we have documented the achievements of adult pioneers and leaders in the martial arts industry in our Who's Who in the Martial Arts books and our magazines. Now these kids are building the next layer of foundation for the future of martial arts and the world at large. We're very proud to be recording the journey of these young heroes."

For more information, email BETTERATTITUDEMAKERS@gmail.com or call 301-455-3997.

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