Mackensi Emory Sport Karate Tip: Chop Punch Drills

Mackensi Emory Sport Karate Tip: Chop Punch Drills

World champion and Team Paul Mitchell member Mackensi Emory breaks down the chop punch.

Mackensi Emory is one of the top sport karate competitors in the world and is widely considered to be the best female tricking athlete on the planet. She uses her incredible tricking skills in combination with clean martial arts basics to win numerous world championships. Of those basic techniques, the chop-punch combination is one of the most important as it is a staple of modern sport karate competition.

The chop-punch is a fast 1-2 striking combination that allows for a lot of variation by adding ridge hands, spear hands, or back-fists in between the chops and punches. Since the chop typically occurs in a reverse front stance and the punch is unloaded with a shift to regular front stance, the technique duo is also great for rapidly changing stances and showing movement in an open form. In the above video courtesy of Century Martial Arts, you can learn some key drills to help your chop-punch combinations and take your game to the next level.

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