The CW Network Cancels "Kung Fu"

The CW Network Cancels "Kung Fu"
The television show "Kung Fu" has been canceled by The CW after three seasons on the network. Though billed variously as a "reboot" or a "reimagining" of the beloved 1970s David Carradine show of the same name, the recent version had little connection to the original other than the title.

Instead, the recently canceled "Kung Fu" followed the exploits of actress Olivia Liang's character, Nicky Shen, a college dropout who runs off to a temple in China, becomes a kung fu master and returns home to San Francisco to become a butt-kicking vigilante. The show was lauded for it's predominantly Asian cast but only achieved middling ratings for the network, which has sought to make cutbacks in it's programming since being acquired by new ownership.

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