Kung Fu Comic Book: Dragon Girl / Albino Warrior

Dragon Girl Albino Warrior ​

Dragon Girl Albino Warrior

Can comic book heroes be more than just people with superpowers wearing flashy costumes, capes, and masks? (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes) Enter a new martial art comic book Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior from Omen Comics. A warrior monk, martial art action, and giant monsters are all part of the upcoming series. In the following interview, the creator and writer, Michael Nunneley, and founder and CEO of Omen Comics tells how martial arts, Zen philosophy, and a love of the Karate Kid all helped shape his innovative comic, as well as his own comic universe.

What made you want to study martial arts?

The biggest inspiration was probably The Karate Kid. I liked the idea that martial arts have a

deeper meaning than just violence, but also accepted that it was part of life, and prepared you for it.

You studied Shaolin Kung Fu. How long did you study? 

I studied for about a little over a year. It was part of my pursuit to be a mixed martial artist.

How was Zen taught? Was there a specific lesson that sticks with you?

Particularly, through a ritualistic meditation with a bell, that was rung at regular intervals, which we did before practice. Much of what I learned about Zen and other Buddhist teachings came afterward in my personal pursuits. I suppose the biggest lesson is in the preciousness and

connectivity of life.

What made you want to write a comic book?

I have wanted to write comics since I was 12 years old because I loved the medium. I consider it

a bridge between prose and film. Granted, I was 42 before I started doing it professionally.

Mostly, I love telling stories and I have a lot to tell.

What is the Omenverse?

All of the comics that Omen Comics puts out are in the same universe of blended mythologies,

folklore, legends, apocalyptic themes, horror elements, and superheroes. There are 4 titles out in

this universe called Omen, White Druid/Michael Nero, Gallows Men, Guardians of Elayim and

Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior will be our 5th title.

Is this your first martial art-oriented comic?

Yes, it is.

Was there an inspiration for having a martial art comic?

I wanted to share that there is more to martial arts than just violence and that there is a proper

way to teach it and live it through propriety, integrity, justice, honor, and balance in all things. But, also, it fits really well into the blended mythology and prophecy I wanted to tell.

How did you come up with the fight scenes? Do you have a process?

I visualize them in my mind. Sometimes I sketch them out with stick figures and then act them out in my living room.

If you were comparing the action in the comic to a movie, would you say it is more in the vein of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, or Fist of Fury?

Probably closer to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, although not quite so fantastical.

Who might be interested in reading Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior?

I think martial arts fans, mythology fans, and ultimately Kaiju fans all though it's a slow burn. Also, I think those who value family and characters who are genuinely good people: like Superman or Captain America.

Are the main characters, the monk, Pai Long, or the character Dani based on real people?

No. They are entirely fictional. But I did put a little bit of myself in each of them.

Dani, one of the main characters, has muscular dystrophy. Why did you choose that as her disability?

I needed a disability that could be terminal, cause her to be in a wheelchair, and affect her DNA. I can’t really tell you much more than that because of spoilers.

How would you describe the story? Dark fantasy? Inspirational?

I would describe it as a martial arts fantasy. But I would add that it is “...a light in dark places” as Galadriel would say, among the rest of the much darker Omen Comics titles.

How many issues will the story encompass?

There is currently a plan for 10 issues as well as a big part in our giant crossover event we’re

building to called Tetrad Omega.

Where can readers find the book?

Right now they can find it on Kickstarter in pre-launch. It will be going live on August 15th, 2022. After that, it will go on our globalcomix.com page, Amazon Kindle, and our page on the Wikid Store.

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