North Korean Leader Attends "Brutal" Martial Arts Display

Kim Jong Un
upload.wikimedia.org - www.kremlin.ru
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised to build an invincible military to counter the United States in a speech on Tuesday and, perhaps hoping to prove this invincibility, he attended a martial arts performance by members of the North Korean army that showcased soldiers smashing objects and being smashed.

Though the mainstream media characterized the demonstration, viewed by a grinning Kim and a throng of military officials, as "brutal" it highlighted many of the standard martial arts demo routines that look spectacular but usually involve some trick which limits real damage being done to the performer. Among the feats shown were soldiers laying on beds of nails and broken glass while concrete blocks were smashed atop their chests with sledgehammers, individuals having 2x4's broken across their backs and a variety of breaking techniques featuring the typical array of aerial taekwondo kicks.

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