Karate Students Look to Kill Dummy, Not Politician

Kill BOB sign
When a sign saying "Kill Bob" was spotted near the Republican Party headquarters in Greenwich, CT Tuesday, workers there assumed it was a threat against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski. They immediately reported it to the authorities while Stefanowski and representatives of his Democratic opponent, Governor Ned Lamont, both immediately condemned the message. But a quick investigation by the Greenwich Police revealed the intended target of the sign was not a politician, but a dummy.

The police reported that the sign came from the Greenwich Kempo karate school located next door to the Republican headquarters. The "Bob" in question was the name of the training dummy the students practice on and the sign, done in colored tape with flowers and hearts drawn on it, was meant as motivation.

Century Martial Arts

Jonathan Simon, the head instructor at the school, explained the sign was left over from a black belt test conducted over the weekend. A young student identified as "Hailey" had to carry the dummy around the school's parking lot and one of her friends put up the sign as encouragement. Simon said he was sorry for any misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Hailey passed her black belt test. Bob's current condition is not known.

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