New Website Connects Martial Artists With World Class Coaches


World Champion competitor introduces a new product that is perfect for young competitors seeking personalized sport karate training.

For years, sport karate private lessons have been booked through email exchanges and social media private messages. Now, Team Paul Mitchell member and world champion Danny Etkin has created an online platform that will streamline the booking process for private lessons with many sport karate practitioners. The website features coaches for forms, weapons, sparring, and tricking. New coaches can also apply to be listed on the site. Keep reading for more details about the new project in the official press release from Etkin and KickLink.

Larchmont, NY February 7th - World champion martial artist Danny Etkin has just launched KickLink, the first platform specifically made for connecting martial artists with top tier coaches.

www.kicklink.co is a website where you can search martial arts coaches from around the world and book private lessons with them. Users can schedule times, message coaches, and pay for lessons directly on the platform.

Danny remembers being a young martial artist wanting to train with some of his martial arts idols and having to wait for a perfect opportunity to approach them at a tournament. With KickLink, Danny strives to create an environment where the stars don't need to align to get in contact with your favorite martial artist. Rather, you can schedule a lesson with them in just a few clicks.

With the advancement of technology, online training sessions have become a new norm. On KickLink, students and coaches have the ability to meet in person or online. During these unprecedented times, training online with a world-class coach is a great way to keep improving and stay motivated from the safety of your own home.

KickLink primarily focuses on sport martial arts, offering expert instructors in extreme and traditional forms/weapons, point fighting, and tricking. In addition, coaching in taekwondo, kickboxing, strength/conditioning and kung fu are available. As the platform grows, Danny plans to add even more types of martial arts categories to the site.

Every serious athlete, regardless of the sport, has a coach who helps them achieve their goals. Martial arts is no different. KickLink aims to help build the champions of tomorrow by connecting them with the champions of today. No matter your skill level, price range, or location, there is a coach for you on KickLink.

Interested in getting private martial arts training or being listed as a coach? Head over to www.kicklink.co!

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