Whittaker Gastelum

Robert Whittaker put on a clinic in modern mixed martial arts technique Saturday night in Las Vegas winning a lopsided unanimous decision over Kelvin Gastelum at the main event of UFC on ESPN 22. The former middleweight champion mixed an array of punches, kicks, wrestling and groundwork all night long that left Gastelum perpetually a step behind.

Whittaker set the tone early in the first round stunning Gastelum with a quick roundhouse kick to the head then later securing an easy takedown off double underhooks and controlling his opponent on the ground. Gastelum had trouble dealing with Whittaker's speed and movement throughout the fight absorbing a steady stream of blows as he continually tried to chase his foe down. The win may have propelled Whittaker into position for a title rematch with Israel Adesanya, who took the middleweight crown from him via knockout in October of 2019.

The co-main event had to be scrapped at the last minute after Drakkar Klose reportedly suffered injury at the Friday weigh-in when scheduled opponent Jeremy Stephens violently shoved him.

Robert Whittaker - "It's About Time We Cross Paths Again" | UFC Vegas 24 Post-Fight Interview

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