Levine Scores Impressive Win in Karate Combat Debut

Ross Levine

Ross "Turbo" Levine dominated Andrei Grinevich in his Karate Combat debut to secure a unanimous decision win. Grinevich scored a couple of early takedowns, but was unable to deliver any substantial damage. Levine swung the momentum in his favor by the end of the first round with devastating calf kicks and a powerful head kick. The second and third rounds were all Levine as the Brooklyn native continued his onslaught of calf kicks and used his sport karate-style fakes to open up striking opportunities. As the fight reached the closing moments, Levine started hunting for the highlight and rocked Grinevich with another head kick that sent the Belarusian to the mat. When the dust settled, Grinevich hobbled out of the arena as Levine's hand was raised in victory.

If you were unable to watch the fight live on YouTube, you can watch the action unfold tonight on CBS Sports at 10:00 PM ET.

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