100 Percent Plus - Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman

The late great legendary basketball UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden used to get indignant with anyone who would ever intimate they could or would give 110%. Simple, that is not a logical possibility.

Somehow that seems to make 100% sense if you just think about it. Was there some deeper wisdom in coach's thought that if you say something that is logically impossible you can't actually believe in accomplishing it? The only other time in recent history we might remember indignation in sport relating to percentages like that was in UFC President Dana White's scathing comments about now record-breaking champion Kamaru Usman's comment about only being at 30% in his fight against Emil Meek in 2018. Aside from the fact that is was an utter misunderstanding as Dana took him to mean he was only giving 30% effort when he was actually saying he was at 30% health, it is still significant that those numbers seem to matter so much.

Listening to Usman throughout his career you would get the impression and be right in doing so he has not gotten the respect he has deserved as a fighter. Not unlike former champ Frankie Edgar, Usman somehow does indeed seem to be for whatever reason a perpetual underdog. But like Wooden's 100% comment doesn't lie, neither does Kamaru Usman's 13th official win at Welterweight. He has increased the number that was held by someone who many consider the greatest of all time in Mixed Martial Arts - Georges St-Pierre. Not sure what your abilities in math are or if you can figure out what percent more 13 is than 12 in your head (Does 108.3333333% sound right?), but it may be time to reevaluate Coach W's comments because the champ just seemed to give more and earn more than 100%. And for sure if there is 110% of something, it is that amount of respect needs to be put on his name.

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