Philippine Martial Arts Alliance and Phillipine Combatives System founder Julius Melegrito demonstrates sinawali using two kali sticks in this exclusive kali sticks video as excerpted from his DVD Philippine Fighting Arts — Volume 2: Double-Stick Tactics and Applications.

Philippine Martial Arts Alliance and Phillipine Combatives System founder Julius Melegrito demonstrates sinawali using two kali sticks in this exclusive kali sticks video as excerpted from his DVD Philippine Fighting Arts — Volume 2: Double-Stick Tactics and Applications. "Sinawali, also known as two-stick drills, are very very important because they are a bunch of striking patterns," Filipino fighting arts master Julius Melegrito says. "The good thing about this [video] is that we're giving you a basic foundation and we're putting names to it so you can understand exactly what they are. These are really fun to do, especially when you do [them] with a partner. The first sinawali we have is called 'open.' And the open [sinawali] is basically the first open strikes."

KALI STICKS VIDEO Basic Sinawali Demonstrated by Filipino Martial Arts Master Julius Melegrito

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Julius Melegrito proceeds to describe the open strikes of basic sinawali, using his kali sticks to gesture:
  • Sinawali Strike 1: toward opponent's left shoulder
  • Sinawali Strike 2: toward opponent's right shoulder
  • Sinawali Strike 3: toward opponent's left knee
  • Sinawali Strike 4: toward opponent's right knee
"If you apply that [practice of kali sticks] with a partner," Julius Melegrito explains in his video demonstration of sinawali, "you want to make sure you have better control. You don't want to hit too hard. Although those [moves] are all striking and you want to try to hit [your opponent in a real fighting situation], the good thing about practicing with a partner is that you just want to make sure that you have good and proper control of the sticks. Your job is not to devastate the sticks and knock [them] out of [your partner's] hands. Your job is coordination." The above sinawali-demonstration video is an excerpt from Julius Melegrito’s kali sticks DVD titled Philippine Fighting Arts — Volume 2: Double-Stick Tactics and Applications, which features an array of techniques and drills for self-defense using kali sticks that the author has taught to law-enforcement and military personnel during the course of his career.

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Presenting the theory and application of fighting with kali sticks, Philippine Fighting Arts — Volume 2: Double-Stick Tactics and Applications includes topics such as striking patterns, counterstrikes, proper holds, partner drills, sticks vs. empty-hand techniques, applied footwork, single- and double-stick tactics, knife applications and disarms. For more techniques, articles and videos by Julius Melegrito, check out these items: About the Artist: Filipino fighting arts instructor Julius Melegrito is the founder of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance and the Philippine Combatives System. During his international travels, Julius Melegrito teaches self-defense programs to civilians, military and law-enforcement personnel. This Filipino fighting arts master and kali sticks expert operates a chain of Martial Arts International schools in Bellevue and Omaha, Nebraska.
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