Judo Blog: USA Judo and American Judo System Partnership

Judo Blog: USA Judo and American Judo System Partnership
American Judo / USA Judo
USA Judo has joined forces with the American Judo System (AJS) to provide USA Judo Members with 24/7 access to an online learning platform starting in early January 2022. This offering is valued at nearly $300/year but is being offered for FREE to USA Judo Members as part of their paid annual membership.

Members Will Have Access To

Judo DVDs

And More As New Products Get Released 

Founded in 2020, The American Judo System is an all-inclusive system of learning, teaching, and developing one’s own style of judo. Designed by US Olympic Judo Medalists of Judo Fanatics, Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens, the system is designed to break judo down into simple and clear steps to follow that will help Judoka win more matches and throw more competitors. The American Judo System will help develop a Judoka’s movement, hand positioning, understanding of blending throws together, transitions,

competition strategies and tactics to compete against any style/player.

Starting in January, when an individual and/or family registers for a paid USA Judo Membership, they will automatically have access to all the American Judo System Encyclopedias on the American Judo System Platform which will be accessed through their personal profile on the USA Judo Membership System. This access will be available to each unique member so long as their paid membership is current with USA Judo.

If a member does not have their own email for logging into the USA Judo Sport:80 database, they will need to set their own before gaining access by contacting USA Judo’s National Office. This single sign-on process will ask USA Judo Members to allow the American Judo System to retain their first and last name

and e-mail address as identifiers to allow them access to the AJS resources.

The AJS will continually be updated with new content that will be shared by both USA Judo and AJS. For more information, please contact USA Judo’s Membership Staff, Corinne Shigemoto - corinne.shigemoto@usajudo.us or Austin Leath - austin.leath@usajudo.us.

Happy New Year!

I’m always looking for new subjects to write about regarding judo as well as contributions from my readers. Please send them to gary@garygoltz.com, thanks.

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