Judo Coach Sentenced to Nine Years in Death of Student

Judo Murder
Photo: Taipei Times
On Wednesday, a Taiwanese court sentenced a judo instructor to nine years in prison for his role in the training death of a seven-year-old student. As reported by Black Belt last year, Ho Tsung-le was an unlicensed judo coach who instructed older students to repeatedly throw the boy, identified only as Huang, despite the child's lack of training in how to take a fall.

Though Huang complained of a headache and began to vomit, Ho himself reportedly threw the child more than 10 times before he finally fell unconscious and an ambulance was called. Huang lingered in a coma for 70 days before dying. The Taichung District Court cited Ho's lack of remorse in handing down the sentence. The child's family said the nine-year sentence was too light and may appeal to a higher court for a harsher punishment.

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