The knife is the most common weapon used by criminals and terrorists, with the average knife attack lasting a mere five seconds. Knife Survival will take you step by step through the 12 angles of attack, the four primary blocks, the proper grip and the Jim Wagner knife-disarm rule. Includes proven conflict drills designed to increase your speed and reaction time: the feeding drill, the one-for-one drill and the freestyle drill. Jim Wagner draws on more than three decades of experience in martial arts, police, military and special operations. For many years, Wagner wrote Black Belt’s High Risk column. His methods are used by many elite forces, including the Israeli Special Forces, FBI SWAT and Germany's GSG9 unit. Wagner is the creator of two Reality-Based Personal Protection DVD series, a multi-topic DVD series on survival tactics, and the author of two books: Reality-Based Personal Protection and Defensive Tactics for Special Operations, with the third (Protecting Others) in production for 2011 release. He remains in demand around the world, where he preaches the gospel of reality-based fighting, a genre he single-handedly defined.

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