Grand Master J. Pat Burleson Has Passed Away

J. Pat Burleson
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We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Grand Master J. Pat Burleson. Burleson was an unstoppable force in open tournament fighting, and was a pioneer in the popularization of martial arts in America.


Burleson won the first U.S Karate Championship in 1964, and also became the Texas State Champion in fighting. He was nicknamed the father of all karate championships.

Burleson was the second highest ranked belt in Tae Kwon Do behind Great Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, who brought and popularized Tae Kwon Do to the United States. Burleson first trained Tang Soo Do in Japan in the 1950's.

Burleson's achievements in martial arts led him to the film industry in which he had appeared as a stunt actor in many episodes of Walker Texas Ranger alongside Chuck Norris.

He went on to open one of the first Karate schools in America. He opened J. Pat Burleson Martial Arts in Saginaw, TX.

J. Pat Burleson BlackBelt Magazine

J. Pat Burleson featured on the cover of Black Belt Magazine.

Tribute to Pat Burleson

Bob Wall and Grandmaster Eric Lee celebrate GM Burleson, and discuss his impact as a martial artist.

More Information

For more information on the celebration of Grand Master Burleson's life click here.

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