Google Ordered to Turn Over Account Info to International Wushu Federation

International Wushu Federation
A federal court in Australia has ordered Google to turn over its information on a Youtube subscriber account to the International Wushu Federation, the world governing body for wushu competition. The martial arts organization is seeking to identify the owner of the account "Wushuleaks" claiming the Youtube channel uploaded copyrighted videos and made defamatory comments about the IWUF.

Reports in the Turkish media indicate Wushuleaks was critical of the family who runs the Turkish Wushu Federation and used the videos in an attempt to demonstrate alleged bias in competitions. Though it remains to be determined whether the Youtube clips fall under "fair use" guidelines, the Australian court still ordered Google to turn over the information. It was not immediately clear why the suit was filed in Australia as Google is an American-based company. The IWUF vice president, Walter Missingham, is based in Australia though the organization is headquartered in Switzerland and its president, Gou Zhongwen, is the Chinese Minster of Sport. The videos have already been taken down and the Wushuleaks Youtube account terminated.

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