Indian Border Police Learns Martial Arts to Fight Medieval-Style Attacks

Indian Border Police
The press in India is reporting on a martial arts training program now being employed by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) which guards the country's border with China. The training is seen to be in direct response to a 2020 hand-to-hand combat clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley.

The fighting came in an area where both militaries were prohibited from carrying firearms with Chinese troops reportedly employing "medieval" type weaponry including clubs wrapped with barbed wire or with nails embedded in them. Twenty Indian troops were killed in the fighting while estimates put the number of Chinese deaths anywhere between 4 and 45.

The new training for the ITBP includes three months of instruction in 15-20 techniques drawn from various martial arts including judo, karate and krav maga. In a perhaps overly optimistic sentiment, an ITBP police official said they wanted to train their men to get the better of the enemy without using any weapons.

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